Client – Brescia Verona Vicenza Padona Highway S.p.a.

Our project aimed to assess the state of degradation and safety of the Tramigna Torrent Bridge. The bridge consists of three bays with a rectilinear axis just under 22 meters for a total scaffolding length of 62.85m. Originally constructed in the 1960s, the bridge was later subjected to an expansion project from 1989-1990.

  • View of the Tragmina Torrent Bridge with water underneath
  • Details of the supports underneath the Tragmina Torrent Bridge

The deck’s width was extended to 34.70 m (its current width) during the expansion. The road plan consists of two roadways with two lanes for each direction of travel and an emergency side lane on the roadway in the direction of Padua.

The bridge is constructed in reinforced concrete/precast concrete with deep foundations on poles, frame-type piers with circular shafts, septum abutments with wing walls, scaffolding with reinforced concrete beams in the original portion, and in precast concrete in the extension portion.