Our extensive experience in the field of structural reinforcement enables us to develop appropriate solutions to ensure the reinforcement, improvement, or adaptation of the structures analyzed.
ASDEA works closely with customers to identify the causes of collapses and deficiencies in existing structures and buildings. We analyze the vulnerability of the structures using sophisticated analyses and a rigorous approach that only our advanced research experience can provide.
We provide a wide range of numerical analysis and advanced analysis techniques including linear and nonlinear analysis, material characterization, performance evaluation of structures, crash investigation, safety and reliability analysis, and seismic risk analysis.


Our vulnerability analysis of existing buildings includes a thorough critical-historical analysis of the building and its crack pattern to consider the different levels of complexity that characterize the existing structures.

The structural behavior analysis examines the geometry of the building, the building materials, and the construction details, and uses computational models and advanced numerical analyses.

Model of the theatre in 3D


Intervention design for structural reinforcement takes the results of the vulnerability analysis of the existing structure and its crack pattern and combines it with the historical and artistic value of the structure. ASDEA guarantees the use of innovative consolidation technology and materials highly compatible with those already in use to preserve the original character of the building.


ASDEA is an integral part of the whole structural rehabilitation process from the analysis of the existing structure to the implementation of the intervention. Our highly specialized team follows the project closely throughout all its phases, from design and analysis to the different implementation phases of the restorative work.

Intricate ceiling


View of the roof-top garden of the former wine cooperative

Città Sant’Angelo, Italy, 2008 – 2011

Rear view of the villa

Penne, Italy, 2017-2021