Project Description

We know how valuable cultural heritage structures are, and also how delicate of an issue their restoration and preservation is. That is why we are excited to share the news that one of our best partners, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, is hosting the 10th ReUSO conference on Nov. 2 – 4, 2022.

ReUSO (a name that comes from the combination of restoration and use) examines themes related to the restoration of historical structures and seeks to gather new research, showcase improved methods, and generate discussions surrounding the protection of cultural heritage.

The main topics for the 10th session are:

• Reuse and restoration: concepts, current orientations, and future trends

• The teaching of restoration, conservation, and related disciplines

• Risk mitigation in architectural and urban Heritage

• Impact of wars on cultural and built Heritage

• New technologies in support to the built heritage protection

Paper submissions are open until the 30th of June. You can visit the ReUSO official website (still under construction) for more information and details.