KENYA, 2016

Client: ZEF Concepts Ltd

Palm Valley Estate is an award-winning project for a luxury residential area in the heart of Nairobi. The complex contains various housing options (single-family houses, duplexes, and apartments), which are enhanced by a series of common areas dedicated to sport, leisure, and wellness.

  • disegno della struttura di un townhouse
  • planimetria di un townhouse in bianco e nero
  • disegno di un townhouse
  • planimetria di un townhouse

The reinforced concrete and steel building structures incorporate innovative technologies with the use of cold profiles enabling the creation of light-weight, versatile, and low impact structures.

The use of BIM (Building Information modeling) methodologies allowed us to increase the quality of the design due to the involvement of professional figures from a variety of fields leading to improved integration of different design disciplines.