Market Leader

ASDEA is a leader in the existing buildings market due to the dedication and care we take in the application of the most innovative intervention techniques, the use of sustainable materials, and our sensitivity to the preservation and restoration of historical architectural heritage sites. ASDEA has carried out numerous preservation projects and we invite you to learn more about them below.

Structural analysis


Professional Design

An appropriately designed structural survey campaign is one of the most important aspects of the structural analysis of an existing building. ASDEA (thanks to the collaboration of our professionals with decades of experience) can design and organize survey campaigns able to achieve the desired level of knowledge and to ensure the full effectiveness of the subsequent restoration works, all while minimizing impact on the building’s structure through the use of innovative survey techniques.


Special sensitivity to the preservation of historical and architectural heritage must be implemented during the analysis and planning phases for historical structures. For this reason, structural interventions that minimize the impact on the artifact considered must be used. ASDEA has extensive experience in analyzing static and seismic safety in the planning of restoration interventions on protected buildings of Italian and European historical and architectural heritage.


Structural Safety

The analysis of existing buildings performed by ASDEA ensures an appropriate assessment of structural safety and vulnerability. These analyses are performed using advanced calculation models which use mono- and bi-dimensional finite elements and meticulous structural analyses, conducted both locally and globally, which can facilitate the design and optimization of reinforcement interventions.

Sketches of the Guardiagrele church tower


ASDEA is a leader in the fields of safety assessment and seismic improvement/retrofitting of existing buildings, thanks to extensive research in the sector carried out by its employees and the use of advanced analysis techniques, such as static and dynamic non-linear seismic analysis. All improvements and seismic retrofittings designed by ASDEA are always conceived through careful optimization of the interventions and the use of innovative materials that minimize impact on the existing structure.


ITALY, 2015

L’AQUILA – ITALY, 2017 – 2018

Front face of Aquila's theatre

Pescara, Italy,