Innovative Applications

ASDEA is a leader in the existing buildings market due to the dedication and care we take in the application of the most innovative intervention techniques, the use of sustainable materials, and our sensitivity to the preservation of historical architectural heritage sites.


Render of the inner hall of the theatre
Render of the rear part of the townhouse

New Designs

The market for newly-designed structures is rapidly developing inside and outside of Europe. ASDEA has the right tools for designing complex and large-volume structures to meet the demands of the market.


Scientific Professionalism

ASDEA boasts extensive experience in the construction of scientific structures. Our scientific expertise, commitment to research, and our ability to interact with professionals from a variety of specialties make us leaders in the field of scientific constructions.

Metallic details
bridge cables

Cost-Effective Concepts

Sophisticated solutions combined with cutting-edge technologies are trademarks of our civil structure and infrastructure designs. Our solutions always guarantee the project’s optimization in terms of cost and functionality through the use of innovative materials and advanced construction techniques.