St. Stephen Church Deanery

OUTUOKE - NIGERIA, 2013 - 2016 Client: ZEF Concepts Ltd. The St. Stephen Church Deanery is one of the biggest churches in Africa. The complex building exhibits modern features like its unique architecture. The unusual cover consists of doubled-curved gridshell domes supported by structural arches. With this solution, the building’s modern character was skillfully merged [...]

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The Convent of St. Catherine

L'AQUILA - ITALY, 2016 - 2022 The former St. Catherine convent is located in the historic center of the city of L'Aquila. The building's multiple layers of interventions, extensions, and additions reflect its history and evolution over time. The earthquake on April 6, 2009 (and the subsequent seismic swarm and aftershocks) seriously [...]

The Risen Lord Parish Complex

TERAMO - ITALY, 2012 - 2016 Client: Arch. Giustino Vallese The Risen Lord Parish Complex is located in the town of Collatterrato Basso in Teramo Township. ASDEA S.r.l was hired to create the preliminary, final, and executive designs, and for construction management. The structure is composed of three buildings separated by raised technical joints. The [...]

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Parish of Santa Maria Maggiore

GUARDIAGRELE - ITALY, 2007 Client - Parish of Santa Maria Maggiore The study of historical buildings goes beyond the modern principles of earthquake engineering and requires not only good knowledge of the building techniques used at the time of construction, and the building's transformations over the centuries, but also an in-depth survey of the building. [...]

San José De Los Molinos Church

ICA - PERU, 2016 Client: Ica District The goal of this preliminary project was to restore and reconstruct the San José de Los Molinos Church in the San José de Los Molinos district in Ica, Peru. The church sustained a great deal of structural damage during the 2007 Peru earthquake, [...]

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