Palazzo Veneziano and Palazzo Merlato

RAVENNA, ITALY 2010 - 2011 Client: Ravenna Town Council The Ravenna Town Hall (Palazzo Comunale di Ravenna) looks onto the main square of the city, Piazza del Popolo. The project concerned the seismic vulnerability analysis and interventions for mitigating the structural defects of the monumental complex where the Municipal Residence of the Municipality of [...]

San José De Los Molinos Church

ICA - PERU, 2016 Client: Ica District The goal of this preliminary project was to restore and reconstruct the San José de Los Molinos Church in the San José de Los Molinos district in Ica, Peru. The church sustained a great deal of structural damage during the 2007 Peru earthquake, [...]

The Emiciclo Heritage Building

L'AQUILA - ITALY, 2013 The Emiciclo heritage building, also known as the palace of exposition, is now used as the headquarters of the Region of Abruzzo. In 1888 the architect Carlo Waldis designed this unique building. It is characterized by a hexagonal-shaped portico with 12 Doric columns. The project was part of a tender [...]

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