Cento City Hall

ITALY, 2015 Client: Cento Municipality The Cento City Hall building is imbued with strong artistic value and is protected by the Cultural and Natural Heritage Code due to its historical origins. Construction on Cento City Hall began in 1612 and was completed halfway through the 18th century. After 1830, the [...]

Castilenti’s Secondary School

CASTILENTI - ITALIA, 2017 - 2021 Client: Municipality of Castilenti Castilenti's secondary school was gravely damaged by the earthquake on April 6, 2009, and significant damage was sustained by the r.c. structure and the non-structural elements. Originally, a project was planned to return the structure to operable status and bring it up to code. [...]

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New Infrastructure for Foggia’s Fairgrounds

FOGGIA - ITALY, 2016 - 2021 For the project “New Transportation Infrastructure to Serve Foggia’s Fairgrounds,” ASDEA Srl was awarded an integrated contract by the Independent Body of Foggia Fairs. The tender pertained to the improvement of construction documents for a two-level underground parking structure and the office building above it. [...]

Palazzo Veneziano and Palazzo Merlato

RAVENNA, ITALY 2010 - 2011 Client: Ravenna Town Council The Ravenna Town Hall (Palazzo Comunale di Ravenna) looks onto the main square of the city, Piazza del Popolo. The project concerned the seismic vulnerability analysis and interventions for mitigating the structural defects of the monumental complex where the Municipal Residence of the Municipality of [...]

Ta’ Barkat Sewage Treatment Plant

MALTA SOUTH, MALTA 2008 - 2009 Client: Corsa S.r.l. Ta’ Barkat is a €60 million plant that treats 80 percent of the sewage produced in Malta. It was inaugurated in June 2011 by the Prime Minister of Malta. The construction of the plant at Ta’ Barkat made Malta the first [...]

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G. Mazzini Hospital

TERAMO - ITALY 2017-2018 Client: DI MATTIA FIORE GENERAL SERVICE S.R.L. Built during the '50s and' 60s, Teramo’s G. Mazzini Hospital has a considerable deformable load-bearing structure consisting of concrete beams and columns. ASDEA S.r.l. dealt with the static and seismic adaptation of the Hospital, specifically for the “A” building. The [...]

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The Emiciclo Heritage Building

L'AQUILA - ITALY, 2013 The Emiciclo heritage building, also known as the palace of exposition, is now used as the headquarters of the Region of Abruzzo. In 1888 the architect Carlo Waldis designed this unique building. It is characterized by a hexagonal-shaped portico with 12 Doric columns. The project was part of a tender [...]

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