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Three Companies, One Story, Two Locations

The ASDEA Team is never happy with good enough, so when we see that there is a gap in the market where our client’s needs aren’t being met, if we have the capacity we step in to try to solve the problem. That’s why we have opened two other companies under the ASDEA brand. Scroll down to learn more about ASDEA Software and ASDEA Hardware.


Innovative software solutions for numerical simulation and data visualization

ASDEA Software was founded in 2017 with the goal of developing customized software to meet the needs of our clients. The other goal of the company was the development of the original software STKO (Scientific ToolKit for OpenSees), an advanced GUI for OpenSees.

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Logo ASDEA Peru

Our Newest Location

To ensure that we can meet the needs of our growing international network of clients, ASDEA Engineering founded ASDEA PERU and opened a new office in Lima. Peru’s construction industry is growing, as will our team with the emergence of new national and international projects.

ASDEA in Peru


Hardware for Structural Health Monitoring

We realize that in order to achieve our research interests and continue to provide cutting-edge solutions, we needed to create specialized hardware.

ASDEA Hardware was founded in 2021 to imagine, design, and build specialized devices for structural health monitoring.

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