Advanced Structural Design & Analysis (ASDEA) is an engineering company founded by academic researchers with decades of significant international research and work experience. The company was founded with the goal of providing highly technologically innovative solutions in the field of structural engineering.

ASDEA provides services in geotechnical and structural design, finite element analysis, construction management, and seismic risk assessments. We can analyze both large and small scale structures, such as monuments, schools, hospitals, etc.

ASDEA has significant international design experience and works closely with prestigious partners around the world. We ensure a proper design approach and efficiently meet project objectives. Learn more about our international experience.


Our Newest Location


To ensure that we can meet the needs of our growing international network of clients, ASDEA S.r.l. founded ASDEA PERU and opened a new office in Lima.

Peru’s construction industry is growing, as will our team with the emergence of new national and international projects.



ASDEA has a comprehensive range of skills at our disposal, thanks to our highly trained and experienced staff. These skills include: Risk Analysis, Finite Element calculation, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Engineering, Pre Construction, Performance and Structural Evaluation of Collapse, Cost Evaluation, and more.


Asdea is officially ISO 9001 certified (certificate N. IT19 / 0029).


ASDEA has also been an ordinary member of GBC Italy (Green Building Council) since 2017.



ASDEA designs in a broad range of markets: Commercial, Education, Structural Investigations, Government, Entertainment, Historical Monuments, Residential, Security, Vulnerability, Reinforcement, Infrastructure, Office, Religious Buildings, Research and Development, science and defense, Earthquake Engineering, Improvement and Adaptation, Sustainable Structures, and Software Development.

Learn more about the markets we operate in.

H2A Project

ASDEA co-founded the H2A Project together with other important international companies such as Holabird&Root. The group is comprised of over 300 professionals with 250 years of experience and provides highly specialized services in engineering and architecture worldwide.