Extensive experience in the field of structural reinforcement allows us to reach our goals and develop appropriate solutions to ensure the consolidation, improvement or adaptation of the structures analyzed.
ASDEA works closely with customers to identify the causes of breakdowns and deficiencies of existing structures and buildings. We analyze the vulnerability of monuments and structures using sophisticated analyses and a rigorous approach that only advanced research experience can provide. We offer analysis of seismic risk in order to achieve maximum safety according to the goals set by the client.
We provide a wide range of numerical analyses and advanced analysis techniques including linear and nonlinear analysis, material characterization, performance evaluation of structures, crash investigation, and an analysis of safety and reliability.

Rehabilitation of "Ex. Cantina Sociale" , learn more about this project


The vulnerability analysis of existing buildings is done by using a careful critical- historical analysis of the building and its crack pattern. The analysis of the structural behavior takes into account the geometry of the building, the building materials and the construction details, and uses computational models and advanced numerical analyses. In this way we can consider the different levels of complexity that characterize existing structures.


Intervention project for structural reinforcement is the result of a vulnerability analysis of the existing structure, its crack and its historical and artistic value. In order to protect the original character of existing buildings, ASDEA guarantees the use of innovative consolidation technology and materials highly compatible with existing ones.


ASDEA is an integral part of the whole process of structural rehabilitation, from the analysis of the existing structure to the implementation of the intervention. We have a highly specialized team throughout all phases of design and analysis and in the different implementation phases of consolidation operations.