Tirone-Lombardi Family
Surrounded by greenery, Villa Abbati-Tirone was built between 1700 and 1800 by the nobles Tirone.
The Villa has compact structure in its lower part with two side wings that project the building upwards until the tower. In the back side there are two large outbuildings built in the past as farmhouses. One of them is part of ASDEA’s design together with the Villa. The earthquake of 2016 deeply damaged the buldings.
The goal of the project is local repair and strengthening interventions because the Superintendence of archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Abruzzo (SABAP-Abr) has constrainted the villa with restrictions since 2004.
Today the Tirone - Lombarti family is the owner of the Villa. Portraits, paintings and fornitures are inside of the Villa and they are witness of the Abbati family and the Tirone family of Agnone.