The historical theater of L’Aquila was built between 1854 and 1872 by the architect Luigi Catalano. It rises up in Piazza del Teatro and its structure is tipically neoclassic. The hall, called Sala Rossa, is decorated by paintings and characterized by a monumental marble staircase. The hall has a horseshoe-shaped audience overlooking a stage of about 150 m². The daises surround and divide the stalls area into three orders dominated by a gallery of about 100 seats. The 6th of April 2009, the structure was deeply damaged by the earthquake that caused cracks in the façade and collapse of the masonry vault of the hall and of the ledge.
In December 2017, ASDEA s.r.l. got the task by MiBACT (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Regional Secretariat for Abruzzo) for the analy sis of seismic vulnerability of the building to the state of fact. Thanks to sophisticated non-linear analyzes, the study highlighted the structural deficiencies that make the building incompatible with the safety levels of its public function. The study will allow the planning of suitable safety work.