Centi Palace is one of the most important Baroque monuments in the Abruzzi Region. It was built between 1752 and 177. The building has three floors and a rectangular plan, a large entrance and monumental stairs.
The facades are very particular. The principal facade is divided in three parts and has an impressive balcony supported by three coupled columns above the majestic portal of the entrance. The building is separate from the other adjacent buildings. ASDEA was in charge of the structural repair and strengthening of the building, which was heavily damaged by the earthquake which struck L'Aquila on the 6th of April 2009. The aim of the proposed intervention was to repair the damage and increase the seismic resistance of the building, while taking particular care in protecting and conserving the historical value of the element.
The interventions used innovative and advanced technologies which are durable, reversible and compatible with the existing materials and respect the monuments following the principles of restoration.