Winner of Tekla Bim Awards

Technology and innovation design with cutting-edge solutions

Asdea introduced BIM process in its design phases since 2013. This new way of work permits Asdea team to reduce time respect to a CAD design. There are many advantages both in the design and in the execution phase thanks to the use of Tekla Structures. First of all, it allows to lower inconsistencies of architectural, structural and also plant design with more quality and innovation.

So “Advanced Design and Analysis” is the keyword of Asdea which believes in the technology and innovation with cutting-edge strategies. For this reason Asdea won Tekla Bim Awards 2016 with the BIM project “St.Stephen Church, Nigeria”. The complex building shows its modern features thanks to its unique architecture. The unusual cover consists of doubled-curved gridshell domes supported by structural arches. With this solution modern character was skillfully merged with the solemn traditional formality of religious buildings.