Rehabilitation with Innovation


GreenBuilding Magazine: “Villa Raisi, the symbol of a historic identity”

Rehabilitation with Innovation. Asdea srl, with the office PROGETTO INTEGRATO of Sulmona, wrote an article for GreenBuilding Magazine by Kerakoll. It talks about the possibility to restore historic buildings, like Villa Raisi (Medolla, Italy), with innovation and hight quality.
Villa Raisi is a historical building of the XVII century. The villa has three floors and it is immersed in a vast park surrounded by majestic vegetation. The internal decor was painted in the 18th century. The main hall is 9 meters high and a thin vault covers the center of the room for illuminate it. Unfortunately, the Emilia earthquake of the 2012 highly damaged the villa. Therefore the aim of this project was to restore the building using innovative materials and techniques. One of these innovative materials is the Steel Fiber Reinforced Grout (SFRG).